My collection of Asterix translations kindly asks for your help.

If you can help with one of the books below, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to your e-mail to

last updated: 2021-07-26

One of my favourites is «Asterix and Cleopatra». Can you help me to add one of these to my collection?

Besides the Cleos I'm also looking for some specific editions (translations) and titles.

    Hindiany bookGowarsons Publishers Private Ltd

    Catalan[10] Asterix legionariJaimes Lobros S.A.

    Russian[4] Астерикс ГладиаторKoznova

    Brazilian Portuguese1] Asterix, o Gaulêsio gráfica e editora s.a., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Hebrew[26] אסטריקס וירושלים של דהב שחור / Asterix vi-Yerushalayim shel zahav shakhor

    Russian[1] Приключения АстериксаEgmont Latvia

    Croatian[14] Asterix u HispanijiIzvori

    Greek[12] Αστερίξ ΟλυμπιονίκηςSpanos

    Chineseany bookChengdu Technology University Publishing House

    Chineseany book泝蒙古人民出版社出版 / Neimenggu People's Publishing House

    ChineseanyShantong Meishu Chubanshe

If you are interested... I have got a couple of spare books which I'm happy to exchange for titles on my want list.

    Catalan / Mas-Ivars / [16] Astèrix al país dels Helvecis

    Estonian / / [16] Helveetide juures

    Hungarian / NIP Forum / [16] Asterix Helvéciában

    Indonesian / / [14] Asterix di Spanyol

    Indonesian / / [16] Asterix di tengah orang swiss

    Polish / / [30] Galera Obeliksa

    Turkish / Remzi Kitabevi / [12] Asteriks olimpiyatlarda

    Turkish / Remzi Kitabevi / [16] Asteriks İsviçre'de

    French / Hachette / [6] Astérix et Cleopatre

    German / Ehapa / [3] Asterix und die Goten

    Danish / / [31] Asterix og Latraviata

    Welsh / Gwasg y Dref Wen / [10] Asterix ym myddin Cesar

    Welsh / Dalen / [18] Asterix a choron Cesar